That’s how i got into the fashion world.

That’s how i got into the
fashion world.

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That’s how i got into the fashion world.

“Making clothes is simple: just put them together and you’re done.”

In the fall of 2019, with a good friend, we decided to create a clothing brand together and also apply for a tailor training. In terms of our professions. He is a physiotherapist and a graduate student at the Medical University. I am an Agricultural Engineer and Wildlife Management Engineer. With our ambitious plans that are radically different from our profession, we put a little smile on people’s faces.

Unfortunately, in the second month of training, it became clear to both of us that the above quote was out of place.

GYMBAG: It is simple but useful

In the summer of 2020, I started wearing a gym bag I bought on my trip to Barcelona. While using it, I realized it was an incredibly practical accessory,Where I can put my sweater, wallet, phone, water, key.



An aesthetic bag dresses a person. I think it looks much more stylish and tidy when I wear my everyday things in a practical bag, not to mention that using it also makes my bike ride a lot easier. I fell in love with my so far unused souvenir, which had existed for almost a year, but the love soon passed, as it gave itself up in a short time because of the quality. That’s when the idea came. I can do that too, in much better quality, in a fashionable, stylish way.Soon I even visited a yard shop and made my first textile gym bag.


I was incredibly proud of it, showing it to my family and friends with great enthusiasm. My great delight, everyone really liked my first bags. Encouraged by all this, I put togethermore and more peaces.

I FEEL THAT I make all my dreams come true.

Borbély Gergely